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October 27 2012


The Periodic Table of Tech

Neat, many (most?) are from geologic resources: The periodic table of tech.

June 05 2012


May 25 2012


May 24 2012


School Meals. BUARGH.

And now for something completely different: School Meals. Blargh. How *DARE* they?!
Tags: rant

May 20 2012


Earthquake in Italy - Richter 5.9

Felt the earthquake tonight. Richter 5.9. (sorry, no english source, yet): ZAMG

May 19 2012


May 08 2012


March 13 2011


March 11 2011


September 12 2010


March 11 2010


February 28 2010


February 17 2010


February 16 2010


Thin Sections from Top Bellerophon

Sorry for the hiatus,

but here are the good news:

  • I have thin sections from some very interesting beds from the top Bellerophon Fmt. directly below the contact with the Werfen Fmt. (That would be directly at the P/T boundary). There are some very interesting sedimentary features where it is currently not clear if they are roots or bioturbation by some sorts of animals. I will prepare pretty pictures (as far as carbonates can be pretty). There are also some very small fragments of fossils: one gastropod and small shell fragments (Any hints for papers for gastropod identification in the Bellerophon Fmt. most welcome. No, it is not Bellerophonella).

  • I have found a new home for ProfileLogger: profilelogger.berlios.de. Not much to see, yet, but if anyone is interested in screen shots (or even contributing code, documentation, fossil patterns, lithology patterns, translations, etc.) - go have a look or drop me an email.

February 15 2010


February 08 2010


cancelling my sourceforge account

Just a short notice:

I am cancelling my sourceforge.net account because of the ridiculous restrictions applied to software exports by US laws. I am based in Italy and have to obey local laws and I feel that software I write should be freely available to anybode.

But I see no reason, why I should be prohibited from linking against cryptographic libraries (as, for example, in many database client libraries) so that everyone can use software I write. Especially because I see no connection between a software to log and draw the content of a lithological column and war. It. Just. Does. Not. Apply.

ProfileLogger will find a new home.

February 05 2010


December 29 2009

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